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An intentional employee experience fuels an enviable employer brand, and an enviable employer brand will attract people who want to be part of — and contribute to — a mission greater than themselves. 

...and employee experience walks the walk.

Employer brand talks the talk...

Methodology + Approach

Our Methodology and Approach.


Establish an intentional culture.

Values are a shared agreement; they should drive all behaviors. We begin by confirming that your values are clear -- or we'll help you define them -- to align everyone around a common language. Additionally, we help you determine success criteria unique to your culture. These are the behaviors and characteristics that are needed to drive positive outcomes for your company and your team.

Activate and infuse.


Values are only as good as the culture that lives them. Your values should be evident in every decision made, from hiring and onboarding to rewards and recognition, through engagement, performance development, promotion, and even in termination. We'll provide a strategy and roadmap to help you consistently apply these critical elements to all of your core people programs.


Promote and Champion.

Last, we'll help you keep your values and success criteria clear and top of mind through a program of consistent communications that will ultimately drive engagement, trust, and loyalty. Having identified what differentiates you from the competition, let's make sure that your achievements, your exciting trajectory, and the benefits of working with you are shared widely. 

The vision for finding people means not just looking for the smartest or most qualified people, but also the best fit for the organization.

Talent Acquisition.

Employee Development.

To move the business forward, commit to providing the tools, environment and opportunities for team members to make an impact and grow from their experiences.

Employee Engagement.

People will stay if they feel challenged, experience a sense of connection, purpose and fulfillment, and are meaningfully rewarded.

  • Always prioritizing the needs of the business, identify the skills and characteristics necessary for exemplary performance in each role.


  • To safeguard your culture, hire only the highest caliber people who share the company's values.


  • In order to attract the most-qualified people, create an engaging team member experience, foster innovation, facilitate greater financial reward; robust diversity, inclusion and belonging practices are a must.

  • Provide the information and tools to empower people to grow their careers through advancement or to expand capabilities that allow them to contribute to other areas of the company.


  • Create targeted learning opportunities that “meet people where they are,” to shore up skills gaps, and ensure business needs are achieved.


  • Continuous Feedback: offer ongoing, specific support for team members and business leaders through one-on-one partnerships, coaching and consultation.

  • Embrace a culture of “no surprises.” Information and open communication is the key to staying connected. Work with team members and managers to create an expectation of shared responsibility for everyone.


  • Use data to analyze team member sentiment and identify opportunities for improvement (or innovation) to programs, services, and initiatives.

  • Identify industry benchmarks for turnover, set retention goals, and develop a plan to specifically target retention of highest performers. 

Talent Acquisiton
Employee Development
Employee Engagement

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