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Investing in people pays dividends.


More isn't always the answer.


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Just because it's always been done a way, doesn't mean it's the best way.


Encourage thoughtful

risk taking.


Time kills all deals.


Amy Zimmerman

Principal, Chief People Officer and Start-up Advisor

Amy is a strategic partner for founders and investors and a growth catalyst for companies on the rise. Central to her work, of course, is the development and nurturing of a company’s culture. Whether the focus is on foundational elements, like defining core values and communication practices or developing more mature programs like performance development and engagement initiatives, it’s all in service to ensure that the culture is intentional and aligned with the company’s financial goals and retention objectives. 

For the last decade, Amy was Chief People Officer for global fintech leader, Kabbage, Inc, where she scaled the company from under 20 employees in one city to over 600 across the US and India. She was responsible for building the company’s award-winning culture, driving engagement, and guiding all people strategy initiatives. Additionally, she oversaw the integration of M+A teams to build and grow capabilities across a diversity of cultures and geographies.


Before joining Kabbage full-time, she ran a consulting firm called A to Z HR Solutions, Inc. for several years that served as a recruiting and culture partner for growing technology companies across Atlanta. Before starting A to Z, she worked at a small fintech company called Visionary Systems as a recruiter, people leader and culture enthusiast before their acquisition by TransUnion. Right out of college, she worked as a drug counselor, court arbitrator, and social worker. 

She graduated from the University of South Florida with a (completely irrelevant) degree in Criminology. 

Jill Hall

Principal, Communications and Brand Strategist

Jill helps brands identify and develop meaningful communications, culture and marketing strategies to drive connection with customers, partners, audiences and employees. She works across industries, including media, technology, education and the arts, and most enjoys the process of capturing hard-to-explain or complicated ideas and translating them into digestible messages and actionable plans.


Previously, she spent fifteen years developing, implementing and managing branded communications programs, content, platforms and culture initiatives for Turner, Time Warner, TNT, TBS, CNN, truTV, TCM, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, among others. Additionally, she’s worked with a variety of top tier branding and digital development agencies to promote and enhance the global networks, websites and communications channels for which she was responsible.


She attended the University of Georgia where she received degrees in Journalism and English. She uses them ALL the time. 

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